We partner with you to develop solutions that unleash your business potential - helping you grow by freeing up time to focus on what you're good at.

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Experienced with internet applications since 1998, our consultants will expertly guide you through the full software development lifecycle.

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Web Development

Allow us to take your manual and disparate systems and unify them with our web development services; we build quality web applications that map, automate and improve your business processes.

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App Development

Keep your workforce productive when not at their desks, or engage your customers anew on a tablet or mobile. We can help turn your ideas into reality.

Key Values

We aim to unleash the potential in people, by helping them grow in their gifts and free up their time to make a difference in the world today and for generations to come.



Gift-mindedness is at the core of who we are. Whatever you're great at, we use our gifts and talents to release you into the fullness of yours.



Burdened by management and administration overheads? Our solutions free you up to move forward with fresh vision for the world around you.



The freedom to move into your potential creates room for growth, whether as an employee, a company or personally; this positively impacts more people, in more places.

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System Integration
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Hardware Integration

Meet the team

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Paul Wood

Gift Releaser

I look to release the potential in our staff, clients and those we support by using my time, money and wisdom to help them be the best they can be!

Paul Wood


Ashley Sands

Bug Annihilator

Ashley enjoys solving problems for people, making their lives better one line of code at a time.

Ashley Sands

H4x0r Mind

Jerome Ferdinands


Experienced UX and design consultant collaborating with industry leaders and experts to drive customer value through innovation.

Jerome Ferdinands

UX Consult

Ray Wang


Build solid applications by primitive expressions, means of combination and means of abstraction.

Ray Wang

CI Nutter

Sam Henry

Solution Creator

Sam loves hanging out with friends at church, around the dinner table or at the beach. He revels in creating answers and problem solving along with being passionate about creating robust applications that have an impact.

Sam Henry

The Junious

Robin Capuani


Likes code that does big things quickly, code structures that never have to double back on themselves, well-encapsulated systems, and the ride to work every morning.

Robin Capuani

Ramdisk Enthusiast

Bin Xiao

The Logistician

Bin is passionate about programming as well as his favourite table tennis. He is dedicated to his work and will relentlessly pursue the best outcome.

Bin Xiao

Table Tennis Master

Yi Liu


Yi’s known for his love of programming, but is also crazy about UI design, dogs, tea, and bright kendo dojo.

Yi Liu

The Smiler

Deeptha Kuppusamy


Deeptha is a friendly and charming person by all accounts and she loves nature and wildlife.

Deeptha Kuppusamy

The Debugger

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MGB Backline
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Assign Recruitment
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PASS Technology
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eBay Deals
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eBay Belle
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Michael Miller

We needed a development partner who could understand our complex business requirements and turn them into a scalable, easy to use, stable platform on-time and at a reasonable cost - iP Edge delivered!

They took the time both at the start of the project and ongoing throughout the projects life-cycle to understand not only our business needs but also the needs of our customers - buyers and sellers in over 200 countries. Working with the iP Edge team was an outstanding experience; communication was strong at every stage of development.

by Michael Miller
eBay US
Marty Beaton

I can't speak highly enough of Paul and the team at iP Edge. We have been in partnership for over 9 years now. They have been instrumental in turning what we already do, as well as what we are planning on doing and outworking it, into 1s and 0s. The team are masters at their craft, testing is rigorous, bugs are few and if there is ever a hiccup the response is always the utmost priority and swift. The team has great communication when it comes to explaining what is involved on their part as well as the costs.

by Marty Beaton
MGB Backline
Luke Battah

iP Edge is a great business to work with. Paul and the team are extremely talented and deliver outstanding results. Their unique approach to the development of custom solutions is helping us create an asset that will increase the efficiency of our business substantially. Service is first class and we can talk directly to the developers which is particularly useful. If you have a requirement for any form of digital transformation, I would highly recommend that you talk to Paul and the team to discuss how they can help you thrive

by Luke Battah, CEO
Pass Technology

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